A small business consulting company that can help you maximize your profits.
Are you?
  • Maximizing your profits
  • Getting the best price
  • Thinking of relocating
  • Prospecting
  • Following a business plan
  • In control


Pricing/Hidden Income Opportunites
Financial Analysis (improve key vital metrics)
Work Flow
Financial analysis on Equipment Purchases (ROI)
Strategic Business Plan (Write/Review)
Prospecting/Sales Tips

In addition, our service includes analysis of your financial statements and advice on how to maximize your profits and grow your business.


Genette Consulting has many years of experience working with small business owners particularly in the franchise world. Our philosophy has always been to maximize profits and create value in the business.

Many small business owners have difficulty understanding their Profit and Loss statements and Balance Sheets. Genette Consulting offers a comprehensive review of financial statements and provides suggestions on how to control costs and manage expenses.

Business owners are constantly faced with the dilemma of pricing competitively and making an acceptable profit. Genette Consulting will review your cost of goods and offer suggestions to achieve effective margins.

Personnel decisions are always difficult in a small business environment. Genette Consulting can help review job descriptions, employee manuals and discipline procedures to help protect you from fraudulent claims.

Michael Genette founder of Genette Consulting has been working with small business owners for many years. His experience includes restaurants, quick print shops, airport concessions, print production facilities and gas stations. He has owned his own business and has been a corporate manager of field support. Michael has worked with franchise owners, sales representatives, general managers, production managers and graphics managers.

Michael can provide the solutions to the issues that have been keeping your business from achieving its most profitable results.

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